Monday, 30 January 2012

Top 10 Stock (THIS WEEK)

  1. Apple - Personal Technology
  2. Applied Materials - Semiconductors
  3. American Express - Credit and Travel Services
  4. CBS - Broadcasting
  5. CSX- Railroads
  6. Chevron - Oil and Natural Gas
  7. Discover Financial Services - Credit Cards
  8. Intel - Computer Chips
  9. Microsoft - Software

Friday, 27 January 2012

Lego man in space

Two high school student from Toronto-Canada, Mathew Ho and Asad muhammad of 17 year age has sent a Lego with Canada flag in his hand .
They sent this Lego to 97000 feet height into the space.
Duration of Lego's journey was around 97 minutes.
This video gets viral on the internet.

Hitler's Private Photo Unveiled

Hitler's Office In Reichs Chancellery Germany During 1930-1940.

Interior View Of Room In Adolf Hitler's Estate.

Adolf Hitler's New Year Reception Party.

Hitler at meal with his personal physician  theodor at Hitler's estate in Berchtesgaden - Germany.

James Franco - The Undergrade

Spider man's Friend James Franco has new web series called 'Undergrads' .
Vince jovilette give company to James in this web series production.
This show is about to show wild side or may say real side of the college student off campus life.
The Below image show the party every Friday held in colleges.
Franco tries to show the wild side of student during this type of parties.

Obama's Car For $ 1 million

Wanna buy Barack Obama's Car? 
Model Year - 2005
Model - Chrysler 300 c
Site - E-Bay
Deposit - $ 2000
Obama's Previous vehicle was sold just for $ 26000.

Want to Bid ???
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Samsung Against Apple

Patent ruling lost face by Samsung which filed against Apple in German court (Mannheim).
This is overrule by judge Andreas voss and he did't state any reason for this.
However two more patent case against apple is pending.

New Age Limit For Google Plus

Good news for teens above 13 because Google now allow them to join Google plus service.
However there is certain safety measures for them .
In past, Google only allows those who are above 18